Tooth Wear Beware

Tooth wear is a fairly common problem in our modern society. Our diet is becoming ever more acidic with things such:

1. Fizzy drinks (yes they often have sugar but also acid!)

2. Toothpastes are often quite abrasive such as specific whitening toothpastes

3. We grind our teeth in our sleep due to Stress!!!

The result can be worn teeth which can have a number of issues for patient. Many simply wont like the aged worn appearance of their teeth whilst others may have sensitivity. It can even lead to irregular bite issues which can cause teeth to crack and chip prematurely due to the force and way it is applied to the teeth when you bite.

If you think you may have tooth wear then give us a call and give your teeth some love. As you can see opposite we can repair worn teeth using modern bonding techniques in one appointment and not even a need for an anaesthetic (injection!?!) woohoo :-) Also a simple bite guard could help protect your teeth and assist with your sleep too.

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