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At Clear Dentistry, we keep things, well…clear. Transparent pricing, transparent services and open and honest advice allow you to make decisions that are good for your teeth and your bank balance. Our fees are easy to understand and there are never any hidden surprises – what you see, is what you get.

We’ll always offer every patient a personalised price quote before we begin any treatment. We know that everyone’s teeth are different, so the prices below are a helpful guide. Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation and personalised treatment programme.


New Patient Assessment


We’ll take a good look around and show you what’s going on inside your mouth with our hand-held x-rays and cameras. Then we’ll talk to you about what you need and what your choices are.

Routine Examination


A stitch in time…we all know that prevention is better than a cure.

White filling

From £105

Just to be clear, we don’t do black fillings.

Tooth Whitening

From £380

Natural shades of white combined with safe procedures will leave your smile refreshed and ready to glow, er, we mean go. You won’t leave looking like Simon Cowell, we promise (unless you want to).


From £640

If your tooth is a bit tired, broken or is more filling than tooth it might need a little strengthening. Modern ceramics will have your tooth fighting fit again so you can carry on crunching.


From £160

Having a tooth out can be a little daunting, but that’s why we’re here. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable and looked after throughout the process and ensure we take the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.


From £730

Bridges are a good option for fixing a number of teeth all at once. Don’t worry about the detail, we’ll talk you through it and whether it’s right for you.


From £730

Everyone’s had that nightmare where your teeth fall out. If you need to go down the removable denture route (and we’ll always advise you) then they’ll only be removable when you need them to be.

Implant (Restored)


Mind the gap! The most natural replacement for a missing tooth – modern dental implant techniques provide successful, long-term tooth replacement solutions.

Root Canal Therapy

£369 Front Tooth - £629 Back Tooth

Oh no! The dreaded root canal! Fear not. We use the latest technology and techniques so that it’s comfortable and effective – no one wants to lose a tooth.


(Assessment required)

Futuristic solutions for straight teeth, Invisalign is the latest in ‘hidden’ braces technology. You’ll get a digitally animated assessment and 3D printing (pretty swish) for your plastic trays. Removable when you’re eating and drinking, they’re a great choice for discreet straightening and it makes teeth cleaning a doddle during the process.

Six Month Smiles

(Assessment required)

Six Month Smiles is a fantastic option for getting straight teeth, in half the time of traditional fixed braces. Using clear brackets and white wires, they are socially discreet and, with the average treatment time around six months, convenient for people who want straighter teeth in a hurry.
Includes Confides Digital Assessment


Classic Clean

From £55

Some people like to keep things simple – our classic clean is perfect for that. A whizz round and a polish will keep your teeth healthy and happy.

Diamond Polish


Our Diamond Polish is the ultimate treat for your teeth. Its stain removing super powers will leave your teeth sparkling and it’s gentle on your teeth – super!



You’re showing early signs of gum disease. Don’t panic! We’ll help you get back on-track (includes 2 visits and take-home kit).



Has it really been that long! You normally see the hygienist regularly but time has flown and its time to catch up.

Periodontal Therapy

Sorry to get serious, but Periodontal disease is a tricky customer. If you’ve got this advanced form of gum disease, then we’ll do whatever it takes to get you back on-track.
£119 Assessment (our way of knowing where treatment needs to be targeted)
£119 Therapy (per quadrant; basically, the different sections in your mouth!)
£85 Maintenance (necessary to keep the gum disease at bay!)
£85 Health Review (sometimes we need to reassess or check on progress of healing)

Dr Chris has a lovely manner and takes time to explain things; he always explains what he is doing, what is the best course of action for ‘my’ teeth and willingly answers all my questions and concerns in both depth and simplicity. His ability to do seamlessly what is needed is first class – I recently went for a filling and crown and he was particularly brilliant. He adjusted the work to be done to deal with the days problem which was a painful tooth that had recently started to bother me. Fortunately by listening to my concerns and acting on them as a priority he sorted out my crown, sourced the pain which wasn’t visible on x-ray or to the naked eye and made me, the customer, a very happy lady. Ms W D
I have previously been with another dental surgery since childhood and in my move to the area was in need of another solution. In the past I have never felt comfortable with my dental treatment and questions were not encouraged and I soon began fearing injections. No such fear with Dr Chris and his team. Discussions are encouraged and as a profoundly deaf person this has been invaluable to me. All questions, including the daft ones, are patiently answered giving me time to decide what treatment course I feel more comfortable with. Mr B S
I have seen Dr Leigh for a number of different treatments and I have always been really pleased, thank you so much. I genuinely believe Dr Leigh is the best dentist I have ever seen. Mrs C H
A note to say a very big THANK YOU for yours and your nurse’s very kind support and understanding of my concerns during my crown preparations appointment. I have had no discomfort or cause for concern from the moment the anaesthetic started to disappear. Mrs M M
My recent appointment with Dr Mira was like no other dental appointment I have had before. I was very nervous before the appointment but Mira took time to meet with me the day before and I felt so much calmer after meeting her and her nurse and the time they spent with me. The day of treatment was the same – I felt like they had all the time in the world for me, they took such care and reassured me every step of the way. I now feel much calmer about any further treatment I will may need with Dr Mira. Miss M W
Having attended Clear Dental Practice in Bishops Waltham recently I can confidently recommend Dr Ella. Whether for regular checks or treatment I have found her to be through and caring, and can not speak too highly of the treatment I have received. Mr R L

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