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Our extensive range of services are designed with one person in mind - you. We offer all the necessary and desired treatments (we all want white teeth, right...?) and you'll feel right at home in our state of the art practice where you get a big say in what we do. Have a look at what we offer by clicking below and pop in or give us a call to find out more. Or if your mind is already made up click below to book an appointment today.

Your teeth are for life so give them some love and they’ll thank you for it.

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Check Up/Oral Health Assessment

It all starts with this. A service which is so often overlooked as "just" a check up, however it is anything but at Clear. We undertake an exacting and comprehensive check of your mouth to ensure it is Clear (see what we did there?) of oral cancer, tooth decay, excessive wear and tear and your gums are healthy to name but a few.

Hygiene Care/Prevention

Possibly the most important service we offer (we think anyway). We all know prevention is better than cure and that is why this is at the core of all our treatments. Fluoride therapy, oral hygiene instruction and regular maintenance are just a few ways we can help you. The dental boffins now tell us that keeping your teeth free from plaque not only keeps them looking great but it keeps your gums, teeth and heart healthy. As well as the usual hygienist service you’d expect, book in for a Diamond Clean and your pearly whites will be sparkling again.

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Tooth Wear

Life is stressful, we get that. Sadly our teeth can take quite the battering with our modern lives and so just like us they can get a bit worn out. Treatment can range from a simple bite guard to keep them safe and also make you sleep better, right up to rebuilding all the worn edges so that you can smile and eat with confidence again.

Root Canal Treatment

The dreaded root canal need be dreaded no more. If you are unfortunate enough to have an abscess under your tooth we can help. Clear uses the latest equipment to allow this procedure to be pain free and effective and for you to keep your tooth - hooray!


Years of abusing coffee, red wine and green tea (yes, even the healthy stuff) can leave your teeth looking a little down in the dumps. Our Boutique & Enlighten teeth whitening systems are a safe and highly effective way to brighten your smile.


If your tooth is a bit worse for wear then a filling may be wishful thinking. Cracked and heavily restored teeth can be transformed back to strength and function with this procedure. We have full ceramic restorations so no more unsightly black lines around the tooth - it will also look completely natural and nobody will know, its our secret.


Who wants a black tooth? It's simple - we don't do black fillings. We utilise the latest materials and techniques to restore your teeth as conservatively and beautifully as possible.


Brushing little teeth can be a chore; as if cleaning your own teeth wasn’t enough, you’ve now got to do another set. But establishing good brushing habits early on is the best thing for making sure your child’s teeth stay strong, healthy and last a lifetime. We’re here to help offer advice and treatment to make your life, and the tooth fairy's, a little easier. Best of all, this is all completely FREE of charge to children under the age of 18 or still in full time education. Hooray!


Missing a tooth? Dental implants are the most natural way to get your smile looking its best again. The latest technology means that your bespoke replacement tooth (or teeth) will look like it’s always been there, and will have you smiling and biting with confidence again.



Thankfully, it’s the 21st Century and we’ve come a long way from brightly coloured bands and mouths full of metal. Our treatments include Six Month Smiles and Invisalign which means that it’s up to you what’s right and what’s not. You’re never too old for braces - get the smile you’ve always wanted (seriously, just go for it).


Whether it’s improving the appearance of a single, rogue tooth (perhaps it’s shape or colour) or changing your whole smile, veneers can be a fantastic solution when done properly. And yes, of course we do it properly.

Nervous patients/sedation

We are the friendliest dental team you will find but if that is not enough, fear not. We also work with Consultant Anesthetists who can give you some magic medicine so that you are sedated and totally relaxed throughout your procedure.


Be it acrylic, metal or flexible we offer all varieties of denture and our team will fully explain your options so you can choose the right one for you. Modern dentures can be a fantastic way to replace missing teeth easily and cost effectively.

Tooth Removal

If it's got to go it's got to go, but don't worry we will be gentle.

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